F e a t u r e d     I t e m s
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made by TOF is a small husband and wife team based in the Deep South.

Craig and Sylvia were raised by loving families who taught us that life’s greatest pleasures come in all forms.  Whether it’s a vacation that makes one realize how lucky we really are, an enjoyable fishing trip with the family or just a walk in the rain with your best friend, we take time to enjoy the simple pleasures that come our way.

In college, Craig studied Architecture and Civil Engineering then went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management.  Craig currently resides in Louisiana, USA with Sylvia, his wife and best friend.

Working in the construction and engineering industry for over forty years has allowed Craig to develop, refine and use his artistic skills with multiple mediums.  His love of nature has guided him to appreciate the beauty of its natural elements and his skills allow combining these with other mediums to achieve just the right effect.  The admiration of natural vibrant colors and enjoying the pleasure of working with his hands continues to inspire each design.  Everything made by TOF is produced in our small workshop and is a true labor of love.